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April 16th 2014

Have I really not updated this since December????
Busy with Facebook and website..and that wrist surgery in January did not help much!

But I’m back to talk and write..keep checking this may change very shortly to another format.

What’s new and news…..
Pretty busy winter all things considered…all very lucky there were no weddings during any of the snowstorms…the weekends we had were not bad weather!

Of course makes you think about next year and picking winter dates. Hard to tell…
the winters have been mild for a very long time now till this year.

I predict next year  winter will be GORGEOUS..cold, and little snow..we can deal with it.
So get married in January or February  next year..the pictures are always brilliant.
We got married February 6th and would not have had it any other time..

We will FINALLY have out new video up by next week.
This may be the best one ever…you’ll love it.

Check back here for info…and look us up on Facebook, Franklin and Alison pops right up
We’ve had a couple of nice new first dances that are KEEPERS!!!
Check out Ray LaMontagne ..Your the Best Thing. I love this as a first dance..learning it for Nikki and Dave…

Trends this year….the cocktail reception remains quite popular..but I’m seeing lots of couples go back to seated dinners. Hard for me to pick a favorite…it all depends on HOW YOU PACE IT…

I’ll put my two cents in where needed!!

Going to be  blogging a lot keep an eye out.

Always asking my former brides and groom for wedding photos! I don’t care if it’s from 1997.. I’ll put them up!

It’s time for some 10 year anniversary parties!! And of course baby celebrations..that’s pretty exciting when I get a baby notice from a couple.

Coleen and Matt Gross….did their wedding October of 1994. They keep in touch EVERY year.
Amazing people…check out Facebook  pages and see some of the posts up there..19 YEARS AGO!!
They have keep us in the loop all these years and it’s something very close to the heart…..

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