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Nassau Inn Bridal Show Sunday March 19th….at the Historic Nassau Inn in Princeton

12-4 Don’t miss this event!  We will be playing a few sets during the day.

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Get your small business here!!

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We may be a small business…we don’t have 100 bands…but we have our stellar band and can scale down or add on as needed, plus The Other Band…all comprised of the Franklin Alison team. Smaller group, larger group, cocktail reception expertise , Strings upon request,  jazz trios, duo’s and the areas best D.J. that is elegant but packs the floor every time. Our goal….personalize your wedding to what YOU want…give you our undivided attention and make your crowd dance with wild abandon! now accepting all major credit...

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Mini Showcase

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Come join Keith, Cat, Scot , Tom and Jason next Friday at the Saltcreek Grille in Princeton… 8-11 8 pm dinner jazz  9-11 dance dance...

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Cocktail Receptions

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    There are many things to consider when deciding to do a cocktail reception v.s a sit down dinner. Do your homework, it is not always less expensive to do a cocktail style reception , and it depends on your venue, your style,  and your vision! Get in touch with me for more information and advice on this popular kind of wedding reception.   We specialize in cocktail...

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Live 9 piece band Showcase. Sunday, September 17th The Saltcreek Grille, Forrestal Village 1 Rockingham Road, Princeton N.J. 4-5 pm...

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We’ve lots of opportunities to hear part of the band ,a Bigger part of the band then even the  WHOLE band coming up in September~   Some of these are “Jazz” gigs, just a trio or quartet, but you can hear a lot of what we do with a few of our singers, some dinner music, and usually we kick it up later on in the evening for a taste of some newer music , classic rock and r&b. Hope you can make it to one! Friday September 1st     EVERY FIRST FRIDAY The Saltcreek Grille 8-11 Princeton New Jersey (mini showcase!) 5 pc with Keith, Cat, Scot, Jason and Tom Tuesday September 6th after Labor Day chill out!! EVERY OTHER TUESDAY The Witherspoon Grill 6:30-10 The Quartet Keith, Cat, Scot and Tom Sunday September 17th Full 9 pc band showcase at The Saltcreek Grille 4-5 pm Keep you posted on facebook , twitter and by email!! RSVP preferred, please send us an e-mail at so we know you’ll attend and about how many people we’ll be coming! Wolfgang’s Steakhouse Gigs Somerville, New Jersey Great food!!! New place and we are loving it! September 29th  Quartet  cat scot tom keith September 30th Trio Scot tom Keith October 27th Trio Scot Tom keith October 28th  Quartet cat scot tom keith November 10th Trio Scot Tom Keith November 24th quartet keith cat tom scot December 8th trio  Scot Tom Keith December 9th Trio tom scot keith December 22nd  quartet Cat keith scot tom C u soon~ laraine and keith              ...

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Busy, busy! Hope you are enjoying summer so far…can’t believe it’s almost August and that means it’s soon to be September ..Yikes! We will schedule a live performance of the whole band sometime after the summer. In the meantime we’ve got a host of restaurant gigs in between weddings where you can hear the quartet and get to say hi and listen. Next one is Friday August 4th at the  Saltcreek Grille from 8-11 in Princeton. Then back at the Witherspoon Grill in Princeton on  August 9th from 6:30-10 pm! Keith ,Cat ,Scot and Tom….. and so on and so forth! Keep checking here and our facebook page for performances.  We’ve had some great weddings this month.. Danielle and Tyler, Claire and E.J. Josh and Meg..check out some photos!...

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Happy Summer!!!

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Beautiful so far this summer…….congrats to Ben and Melanie last week….and Danielle and Tyler this Saturday..good to see the Forrests...

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