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This past weekend

Unbelievable wedding for Annemarie and Mike this weekend ,July 19th 2009….

what a great, gorgeous couple……! You’ll agree Photos here courtesy of
David Mielcarek wanted to rock and roll and they did!!!

No kidding……… Seriously rockin party…….
Have great honeymoon…,,
While here..would like to wish a Happy anniversary to Jen and John,,July 19th 2008
and our good friends Nick and Chris…July 20th 7 time flies.Happy anniversary …..
Tomorrow we are at the Witherspoon Grill 6:30 10 looks good.

i am just getting back from a two day trip to the Borgata in Ac. have things changed since I lived down there..pretty nice..but no place like home!!! Long drive ..and glad to be home hope to see some of you tomorrow night!
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