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This is most of our new video…… everything is on here from our new shoot, but will be complete with a few more songs and up on our website with a bigger screen and very clear sound. 

This video is streaming and some below are individual clips.
This Video shoot was done live, this band is the REAL THING.
You are not going to hear us and 12 other bands sounds alike, all doing the same stuff.
It is just us and you should really hear and see the difference when looking at this video.
The music is one of the most important things for your party..we will make people dance.
 You will get great personal attention, and in this
difficult economy you are getting the best band there is for your money. 
Just listen……and if this is not enuf you can still check pout our older things on the website…you can find whatever type of music you are looking for somewhere on the site, and if you don’t see it..we will learn it!
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