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Weddings in general

Have been reading various articles about the state of the wedding business…

Along with the gas crunch and housing market, couples are stressing over the cost of wedding day bliss….
And think about it..carefully…but don’t skimp on your day too much…there are ways to
do things in a frugal way..But.. No! don’t plug in that i-pod too fast and expect a great dance party! Save that music for your workout at the gym..
You do need some guidance, professional musicians, and someone who knows about the flow of a party. You should not  worry about the music not working, the i-pod breaking, sub par sound!
There is nothing like live music…and if you are looking to save $$ . consider the fact that we are no agency!!
 It’s just us, independently owned, operated, showing up at your wedding…doing the work middle man!
We’ll work with you! We understand times are tough for most. Especially starting out.
You don’t absolutely need a 14 piece band…look at smaller options….5 or 6, 8 or 9..
We can figure it out with  you.
We will be doing this for a long time to come!
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