Kyu, Stephen & Elvis!

Franklin and Alison Music is NOT a “wedding” band. They’re fun, vibrant, talented entertainers and a pleasure to work with! We knew we didn’t want a DJ for our wedding, but had no idea where to start looking for a band. We wanted a band that would play a mix of Top 40s and some 90s and be able to play some custom requests. But most importantly, we wanted people to DANCE! Well, our venue owner’s son was getting married a few weeks after us and he suggested the band he had hired: Franklin and Alison Music. What better recommendation could there be? Laraine Alison and Keith Franklin are a married duo. Laraine manages the band and communicates with you during the prep period, and then Keith is the band leader and works with you the day/night of the wedding. They’re both a lot of fun, energetic, funny, and caring people. Laraine asked all the right questions, was flexible to work with, and very open to communication. We worked through the song list with her, told her what we DID and DIDN’T want, and asked her to play some custom numbers the band would have to learn for us. She had great feedback, and helped to provide us with a sound setup for the officiant as well as hooking us up with ceremony musicians. Midway into wedding prep, I decided to pull off a secret surprise guest for my future husband (Elvis!). The band was willing and able to work with me, Elvis, the venue to make sure we could pull the surprise off without a hitch. It was SO excellent! The cocktail hour music was elegant and classy. The night of the wedding, the Band was FANTASTIC! People danced all night, the energy was high, our opening song made everyone cry! We had the whole band including horn section (that saxophone makes a HUGE impact·· get the horn section!) and Catrice’s voice is incredible·· it should be, she’s a Broadway singer! Even during the wedding, people kept asking me about the band – where did you find them? They’re amazing! -and after the wedding, it’s one of the main things people mention when they say how fun the wedding was. Thank you so much to Franklin and Alison Music! One of my best memories of the night is jumping and dancing until I couldn’t breathe anymore! It was wonderful!!



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