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Rainy days and Mondays…..

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Are a pretty good time to plan your wedding…. It may have been a slight washout, but it seems you’ve been doing some wedding research over the weekend.. haven’t you? Filling up up some last minute dates in 2018. We’ve got a few, and holidays are right around the corner , give us a buzz after checking out our website and see if we are still open~ New video coming...

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We are surely getting clobbered with an actual winter for the first time in a few years. Its beautiful when the snow falls (not too much of it)I love winter weddings. We just did a showcase Sunday at a great new spot in Langhorne Pa. Looking to do another shortly, just in time for Valentines Day. Check back here or The Knot, our Facebook page or Wedding Wire for the details. Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions too, We still have some dates available for 2018. Interesting stat….September 8th has been the most popular date this year. I had 12 inquiries for it!  2nd most popular date , June 9th! Always wonder year to year what thebiggest dates are. You’ve got to  grab your September, October and November dates quickly for 2019 ,they go so fast!...

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Great review!

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Get your small business here!!

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We may be a small business…we don’t have 100 bands…but we have our stellar band and can scale down or add on as needed, plus The Other Band…all comprised of the Franklin Alison team. Smaller group, larger group, cocktail reception expertise , Strings upon request,  jazz trios, duo’s and the areas best D.J. that is elegant but packs the floor every time. Our goal….personalize your wedding to what YOU want…give you our undivided attention and make your crowd dance with wild abandon! now accepting all major credit...

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Mini Showcase

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Come join Keith, Cat, Scot , Tom and Jason next Friday at the Saltcreek Grille in Princeton… 8-11 8 pm dinner jazz  9-11 dance dance...

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Cocktail Receptions

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    There are many things to consider when deciding to do a cocktail reception v.s a sit down dinner. Do your homework, it is not always less expensive to do a cocktail style reception , and it depends on your venue, your style,  and your vision! Get in touch with me for more information and advice on this popular kind of wedding reception.   We specialize in cocktail...

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Live 9 piece band Showcase. Sunday, September 17th The Saltcreek Grille, Forrestal Village 1 Rockingham Road, Princeton N.J. 4-5 pm...

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