Caroline & Bryan and Kristen & Sean

Keeping it in the family! We had the honor of providing the entertainment for Caroline and Bryan. When Caroline’s sister, Kristen became a bride to be, she didn’t look anywhere else. We loved working with this family!

We wanted our daughter’s wedding to be a festive time of celebration with family and friends including live music and lots of dancing.  We went to several musical “showcases” and had the opportunity to hear numerous bands – but it wasn’t until we discovered Franklin& Alison Music that we knew we had found exactly what we were looking for!   Top level musicians a wide range of song selections for all ages fun and easy to work with – we could not have been happier.   We received rave reviews from our guests and were so pleased with the band – we asked them if they would travel to D.C. two years later when another of our daughters was married.  Once again we were thrilled.  We highly recommend Franklin & Alison – they are professional talented and helped to make each wedding a tremendous success!

Cathy & Russ

Mother & Father

Bryan and I met during our Senior year at Penn State and quickly fell in love. I was a member of the dance team and am convinced my stellar dance moves are what hooked him in!

When he finally proposed and the wedding planning process began, I knew the band was the most important aspect for me. As a lifelong dancer, I wanted to ensure my guests and I could dance the night away. Thanks to Franklin Alison music that is exactly what happened! The dance floor was packed the entire night and it was clear from the first song that this was not your average wedding band, but rather highly skilled musicians who can read the energy of the crowd.

To top it all off, when Franklin Alison music played at my sister’s wedding a few years later, Laraine was kind enough to surprise Bryan and I with a printout of the set list from our wedding night. These are not just great musicians, but great people as well.



Sean and I met each other while working on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. and our shared love of politics, travel and Bruce Springsteen tunes quickly brought us together!

Planning our wedding, we wanted to bring together the best of our family traditions. Both of our families LOVE dancing, and there was no question we needed a live band that could match everyone’s enthusiasm. We were so excited to be having a traditional Washington wedding in downtown D.C. but we knew we needed to have the best band from Jersey. After my sister’s incredible wedding, there was no question we had to work with Franklin & Alison! The band’s quality, professionalism, and enthusiasm absolutely made the wedding. They worked closely with us and put together an incredible set list that kept the entire crowd dancing the entire night.  The fact that they made the trip all the way to D.C. for our wedding was so special–now I can’t imagine a family wedding without them! 



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