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The Other Band

“You’ve said for years you were not an agency… only one band, so what gives?”

Well it’s time … For years, when we’re booked and had other calls for a particular day, we really had no where to turn for solid alternatives.

Mike Dotterer - The Other BandWe have always offered to help in any way, but nothing we would put a total stamp of approval on.

Well, now we do… It’s not just “another band,” it’s The Other Band, almost an extension of our band,  comprised of members we’ve worked with over the years. And, with Mike Dotterer at the helm, our trombonist, web designer and avid satirist, you’ll be in good hands … A band I feel comfortable saying “Check these guys out!” 

I’ll still do all your music planning for you, so you get  the same personal attention. We can’t be two places at one  time, but Mike’s been with us for over 18 years. He knows the drills!

Audio Samples: