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Wedding Season

I remember when May and June were THE  wedding season….Everyone wanted to marry during those months, and those months are always packed..

However things have changed!  This beautiful spring and summer were the nicest in memory. Every weekend has been nearly perfect weather wise

We had a very busy August, September is always kicking and the busiest month of the fall is October.

November is quite busy as well.and we know how December goes..parties parties parties!

If you are looking to get a date

this very soon (like now)!!


Lots of new material in the book. People are loving our singing percussionist  Marc. !! You can see him on the new video.

Hope you have enjoyed this summer...July is almost full next year..the weather often dictates when you want your date for next year.

After this July and August..many calls for summertime..back ..right after Labor day everything swing into action.we are READY!!

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